Lunch Recipes

Hello, I hope you will enjoy my favorites low FODMAP lunch recipes. Please keep coming back as I am adding new low FODMAP recipes every week.

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3 comments on “Lunch Recipes

  1. Fish in general is very healthy for any meal. Be it a tuna or salmon.
    The omega 3 is specially good for bowels and skin.
    Gonna try the salad today.

    • Completely agree Serah. I want to try the Tuna and Rice salad for sure …I have all the ingredients in the cabinets so may make it up for lunch today.

      The quinoa, feta and roasted vegetable salad I need to get a few things but I am not a big fan of pumpkin so I am debating on whether to try that salad or not. I love zucchini and eggplant but I think once I roast everything it is going to taste amazing. Leave it to Larah to bring us something awesome!!

      • Hi Dana, it’s a lovely lunch meal and perfect for picnics the tuna and rice salad. If you are not keen on pumpkin, don’t put it in, replace with another roasted vegetables you like. Thanks for your comment and please share your version of the salad, if you end up making it. All the best.

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