#025 Special Holidays & Christmas Low FODMAP Main Courses And Side Dishes

Simple And Tasty Low FODMAP Main Courses and Side Dishes To Prepare For Your Special Holidays

This is the second episode, where we are talking about special low FODMAP recipes, perfect for Christmas and also for any other special holidays and celebrations. These are recipes that are FODMAP friendly for you, but will also taste delicious for your family and friends, who are not following a low FODMAP diet.

In last week’s episode we talked about starters…and this week we will present a few delicious main courses and side dishes…I hope you will enjoy these recipes.


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Can’t listen to this episode right now? Read the transcript below and click on the links to view the recipes discussed on this episode.

The same as last week, all of the details about the recipes, their ingredients and all of the instructions, can be found by clicking the links in this show-note.

The guests on today’s episode of the low FODMAP diet & IBS podcast are…..

The guests, who will be sharing their delicious holiday recipes with us today are: Stephanie Clairmont from Stephanie Clairmont Alana Scott from A Little Bit Yummy,  Zlata Thoughts from Life and Thymez,  Alexandra Adams from Contented BellyLaura Stonehouse from Our House for Tea and Nataliya from Not From A Packet Mix (P.S. Natalya’s blog has moved to The Friendly Gourmand).

Stephanie Clairmont RD

Stephanie Clairmont

My first guest today is Stephanie Clairmont.

Stephanie is a registered dietitian from Canada and an expert on IBS and FODMAPs. After being diagnosed with IBS herself in 2007, Stephanie struggled to find a plan to help her manage her symptoms. Since becoming  99% symptom-free, Stephanie now helps others suffering with digestive health issues to better manage their symptoms and their health and help them get back to feeling like themselves again.

Stephanie is also the founder of The Living Low FODMAP Community and  Beyond FODMAPs.

Don’t forget to check-out Stephanie’s amazing holiday recipes. 

Stephanie shares two delicious recipes on this week’s episode: a No Fuss Turkey Vegetable Bolognese as a main dish, and a Wild Rice, Kale and Cranberry Stuffing as a side dish.

A-Little-Bit-Yummy-Alana-RecipesMy next guest is Alana Scott.

If you have listened to my other episodes, I had the pleasure of having Alana on my podcast already in Episode 7 and if you haven’t listened to it yet, I would suggest you take a moment to do so, after this episode.

Just to recap Alana’s bio, she was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome a few years ago and since then she has been following a low FODMAP diet to help manage her symptoms. In addition to suffering from IBS, Alana is also a Coeliac, she is allergic to tree nuts and she is also intolerant to dairy proteins.

Alana is the founder of the blog A Little Bit Yummy, where she combines her passion for cooking and love of writing to provide us with delicious low FODMAP recipes and science-based articles.
Alana shares her beautiful Roast Chicken With Stuffing And Homemade Gravy and a Simple Low FODMAP Cranberry Sauce.

Life-And-Thymez-Zlata-RecipesNext two recipes are shared by Zlata Thoughts from Life and Thymez.

Zlata is a full-time publicist, part-time writer and round-the-clock ambassador to wit and humour. Zlata is a self-taught home cook, who relies on taste bud science for her mostly simple, sometimes healthy/sometimes not, always delicious recipes. Zlata was the first published author to write about the Low FODMAP diet in a national U.S.-based lifestyle publication. She considers herself to be a big-time FODMAP diet ambassador and speaks freely about her issues with IBS. The goal of Zlata’s recipes are to be tasty, quick and simple…with a lot of leftovers. With the hectic lives we all lead, it can be a challenge to cook meals, especially when dealing with restrictions. Zlata recognises this and her recipes are inspired by this thought.

In this episode, Zlata will be sharing two wonderful recipes: Mashed Potato Buns as a side dish and Stuffed Peppers / Capsicumswhich could be a main course or a side dish.

My fourth guest today is Alexandra Adams, who is the author of the website Contented Belly.contented-belly-alexandras-recipes

Alexandra was also on last week’s episode and shared a beautiful Broccoli Soup as a starter.

In today’s episode, she will share two more great recipes, a Pomegranate, Pecan & Goat Cheese Salad and a Kale, Almond & Green Olive Quinoa.

After Alexandra, my next guest is Laura Stonehouse, who participated in last week’s episode and shared a
yummy Aromatic Spiced Prawns. Laura is the author of the website and cookbook Our House for Tea.

This time Laura will be sharing a tasty vegan main dish, that you can cook for your holidays — her delicious Carrot and Walnut Bake.Laura-Stonehouse-Carrot-and-Walnut-Bake






My last guest for this episode is Nataliya, the author of the website Not From A Packet Mix (P.S. Natalya’s blog has moved to The Friendly Gourmand). Natalya was also my guest last week, when she shared the not-from-a-packet-mix-warm-chicken-caesar-saladlovely Creamy Roasted Pumpkin and Sage Soup. This week she will be sharing a tasty Warm Chicken Caesar Salad.


I hope you have enjoyed this episode and that has given you some ideas for low FODMAP holiday recipes. Be sure to tune in next week for Part 3 of the special holiday recipes podcast!

We’ll be sharing fabulous low FODMAP Dessert Recipes for the holiday season and Christmas!


About Larah

I have been suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome for many years, but it took a longtime to get a diagnosis, since then I have been following a low FODMAP diet, which has changed my life for the better. This is my story and experience with IBS and the low FODMAP diet.