Simple low FODMAP Chocolate Bars

Can IBS Sufferers Eat Chocolate?

As you may have discovered from other blog posts, I am a big chocolate lover and since having IBS, unfortunately I had to cut back on it.

The leading low FODMAP research group is the Monash University and they have tested chocolate for FODMAPs level. The good news is that dark chocolate in moderation is low in FODMAPs (5 squares or around 30 gms).

Unfortunately lots of brands of dark chocolate still have lots of ingredients that are high in FODMAPs.

For this reason I have decided to experiment with making my own low FODMAP chocolate, it is very simple to make and you can try different ingredients, until you get it just right for you.

You can buy chocolate molds from a lot of the kitchen tools suppliers or you can of course buy them from Amazon.

I am still waiting for the arrival of a chocolate bar mold, so for now I will use the silicon shaped animals and fairies molds I already had.

I’ve also got some tiny cupcake paper cups and some silicon mini cupcakes molds, I will also be using those to make my chocolate.

If you have silicon ice cubes, those will also work fine.

Here is how I made 18 pieces of chocolates of three different types:

Low FODMAP Chocolate Plain And With Nuts.

Low FODMAP Chocolate

Low FODMAP Chocolate

One plain, one with almonds and pine nuts and the other one with macadamia nuts. To make 18 chocolates, I’ve used:


  • 1 cup of pure cocoa powder
  • 8 tablespoons of coconut oil melted
  • 10 tablespoons of maple syrup
  • 4 teaspoons of liquid stevia (I’ve used the chocolate flavoured)
  • 4 teaspoons of vanilla essence
  • 1/4 cup of slivered almonds and pine-nuts ( or peanuts or other low FODMAP nuts)
  • 1/4 cup of chopped macadamia
  • a little bit of almond milk or lactose free milk, coconut milk etc. to make the consistency right (similar to Nutella)


  • mix all ingredients together (except nuts) until you get a smooth consistency
  • taste if sweet enough for you, you don’t want it too bitter
  • the plain chocolate is now ready, just fill 6 little molds and freeze
  • divide the remainder in two equal parts and put in separate little bowls
  • put almonds and pine nuts in one bowl and macadamia in the other (or whichever low FODMAP nuts you want. Almonds are high in FODMAP if you have more than 10 nuts, up to 10 you are ok (according to the Monash University app)
  • put each mixtures into 6 chocolate molds and freeze
  • wait approximately 1 hour
  • enjoy your homemade chocolate
  • share only with your loved ones
  • keep the remainder in the freezer

I have found these chocolate really tasty, but I do love dark chocolate. Kids may still find it a bit bitter even if you have put extra stevia or maple syrup. My oldest daughter loved them, but my youngest (8 years old) didn’t.

Please let me know if you have tried to make them and how it went. Also if you have changed some of the ingredients and it worked well, please share, if you can.



About Larah

I have been suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome for many years, but it took a longtime to get a diagnosis, since then I have been following a low FODMAP diet, which has changed my life for the better. This is my story and experience with IBS and the low FODMAP diet.

8 comments on “Simple low FODMAP Chocolate Bars

  1. Hey, I did this recipe today and can vouch for the fact that this is indeed rich and tasty chocolate flavour. I used cacao powder rather than cocoa and also raw cane sugar instead of stevia, and it seemed to look ok. Luckily in the UK can get good choc bar moulds, so will be getting one and trying out other things! I also found that keeping the melting mixture over a bowl above simmering water helped create a great consistency. One question though, any tips on getting the flavour to come through. I used pecan and maple, and could tell there were nuts, but could not really taste the pecan or maple? Thinking of trying a chilli variety very soon!! Thanks for posting this Larah.

  2. OMG! My mouth is watering reading this recipe. I need to give this a try and share it with my housemate. She is on the low FODMAP diet too, but she can’t have nuts. What to do? Maybe a little bit of shredded coconut? Would it work?

  3. Chocolate! Now you are really speaking my language! i love that there are so many different chocolate options for specific dietary needs. There are low or no sugar chocolate, low sodium, lactose-free, gluten-free, and more! And the fact that the recipe you shared includes nuts is pure gold.

    • Hey Sarah, you should give it a try. If you like dark chocolate, you will surely enjoy this tasty treats. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Oh my gosh, I have to try this asap!! This look delish! I have everything in the kitchen right now and I am sitting at work LOL, you little stinker and now my mouth is watering for this chocolate! I absolutely love coconut oil & maple syrup. What I find interesting is liquid stevia in a chocolate flavor. That I have never seen and will be searching out. My question is does it make it any richer?

    Going to be making this up over the weekend….

    • Hi Dana, for sure try to make your own chocolate. If you enjoy dark chocolate, you will love these low FODMAP chocolate recipes. The chocolate flavoured stevia did not taste like much, as the natural cocoa taste was so strong. Don’t bother with it, plus it’s quite expensive, just use normal stevia and maple syrup as a sweetener.

  5. Wow! I am gonna try this out. Have always loved chocolates but could never eat it because of bloating. May be I was choosing the wrong brands. Now it is home made!

    • Hi Serah, thanks for stopping by. Have a go at this low FODMAPs chocolate, it’s very simple to make and in my opinion it tastes much nicer than the ones I bought from the health store. Let me know how it goes. Take care.

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