Stress And IBS There Is A Link

Stress & IBS: How to Relieve the Anxiety

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Stress can cause IBS

As an IBS sufferer, I am always looking at ways to improve those horrible symptoms, and I also want to understand what has caused my IBS and what triggers it. From reading several studies on Irritable Bowel Syndrome, my understanding is that although diet is a key factor of the fluctuating the severity of IBS symptoms, there also other features which are stress and anxiety. Stress is a frequent feeling for some people, and for those with IBS, can be one of the worst frequencies they can have.

I have to admit that I have had my share of stress in my life, although now I am much better at managing my stress, a lot of the damage has already been done.

Stress and anxiety cover a multitude of problems which occur from it. Not only does it put pressure on the mind, but it has been shown that there is heaviness on the colon, when someone is stressed or having an anxiety attack. Intensification of symptoms can occur, and cause cramping in the abdomen and be uncomfortable to a high extent. While cramping is common, there is also a chance that it will link into constipation or diarrhea. The gut to brain signals are scattered with thoughts leading to stress, which produces even more tension. The emotional state usually is also additionally affected with IBS sufferers. However the psychological struggles can build, there are ways to alleviate the struggle and recoup toleration when stress.

Anxiety can be cleansed from your body simply with a few strategies that release emotions from straining your mind. One of the biggest stress-relievers is physical activity. When doing so, you are releasing endorphins from your brain, which are hormones that are proven to calm nerves and release tension. Whether it’s a sport, or a simple walk in the nature, you just need to get that boost of hormones pumping.

After all that exercise, you have garnered your self worth of a sweet nap, in fact resting time is near the top of the list for stress relief. Getting numerous amounts of sleep throughout the day can help freshen up your mind, and leave your body back in its default form. It’s a simple way to maintain your stress, and it is known by mostly anyone – especially college students during final examinations.

When getting a rest, you can also wake up to a healthy breakfast, which leads into healthy meals later on in the day.

Food is by far one of the favorites for getting your stress levels down, and making it healthy is the best-case for those of us who suffer from IBS.

Indulging in what you love, whether it is a low fodmap fruit salads, low-fat chicken or any other healthy low-FODMAP foods you enjoy, there is a special hormone like endorphins which release when pleasure is felt. Also, cheating on the diet may also help the endorphine, but getting too involved in the sugary treats may leave you in the bathroom for quite a while.

Among other things, other options that can help relieve stress of IBS sufferers are:

  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Relaxation Therapy
  • Hypnosis
  • Enjoyable activities and hobbies
  • Having a nice bubble bath, with relaxing music and nice smelly essential oil burning
  • Talking to loved ones

The methods of managing stressful situations are at a large array, and the more you know, the happier you will be mentally, or physically. IBS has no sufficient cure, but symptoms can be lessened. The debilitating disorder does not have you detach you from what you love even more when stress hits. You can lighten the impact and enjoy yourself while doing so.

Until next time… take care and keep at bay those nasty IBS symptoms.

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About Larah

I have been suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome for many years, but it took a longtime to get a diagnosis, since then I have been following a low FODMAP diet, which has changed my life for the better. This is my story and experience with IBS and the low FODMAP diet.

7 comments on “Stress And IBS There Is A Link

  1. Somehow, stress seems to be making more issues than any other causes for ill health.
    My husband has psoriasis. I have IBS. We have our own business. So avoiding stress is not an option. Yoga helps.

  2. I HAVE to get back to walking my dogs and enjoying that time because that really did help relieve my stress. This is a nice post because it gave me some more tips on what I can do to alleviate the stress that I build up during the day.

    You really don’t realize how much stress you have built up till you do take that nice bubble bath with the essential oil burning and it all starts winding down and you take that deep breath. Thank you again Larah for some great advice!

  3. When I am very stressed out I put a dab of lavender oil on each temple, close my eyes and take big breaths for a couple of minutes. This seems to bring my heart rate down a bit. I also dab it on my temples before sleep and this helps me have a peaceful sleep. I have noticed the effect of stress on my bowels on many occasions. Stress is such a big part of our lives these days, management has become something we all have to do.

    • Thank you Jacinta for your tips and for stopping by. I have one of those electric essential oil burner and I often use it, I also put on some relaxing music, while I am enjoying a lovely bubble bath (after the kids have gone to bed). Going for a nice walk, usually also helps me.

  4. Great articles, something I believe in is that stress brings on my IBS. A tip for those in office jobs to help keep yourself calm and relaxed whenever you feel that stress is coming up on you.
    1) Sit up right, feet flat on the ground.
    2) Arms and hands resting palms down on the desk in front of you.
    3) Close your eyes.
    4) Take in deep breathes and release whilst thinking about that tropical holiday you are planning or wanting to go on

    Hope that helps someone.

    • Thank you Marian, that helped me, I feel I am already on a holiday. Never mind I live in paradise already (Gold Coast Australia).

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